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Ain Dubai Views [Open Dated]
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Ain Dubai Views Open Dated
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Ain Dubai Prime Time Views
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Ain Dubai Prime Time Views
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Ain Dubai Premium Primetime Views
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Ain Dubai Premium Primetime Views
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Your Ain Dubai Combo Tickets Explained

While the Ain Dubai Ticket can always be purchased in person, booking one's ticket online is the most convenient and hassle-free way to travel and enjoy the trip. One can avoid the crowds and heat of the ticket counter by purchasing Ain Dubai tickets offer online, which not only allows for the convenience of pre-booking but also offers fantastic discounts on each purchase, allowing you to make your trip as cost-effective as possible.

Take a seat in the glass-enclosed air-conditioned capsule and capture unforgettable images of world-famous landmarks. Enjoy Bluewaters Island main attraction, which is an amazing man-made island.

Ain Dubai Overview

The world's largest and tallest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, is an iconic landmark of Dubai. At nearly twice the height, it is Dubai's version of the London Eye. Ain Dubai provides the most majestic and mesmerising views of Dubai's skyline. The views are said to be especially lovely at sunset when the city is covered up in pink and ombre hues. It also shares Dubai's vision of providing luxuries, premium, and exceptional experiences at all times.

Ain Dubai is also a magnificent record-breaking entertainment hub with an awe-inspiring massive size of observation wheel, that exemplifies the finest representation of technology, engineering, and safety expertise. Furthermore, it is made up of 48 capsules that can accommodate a total of 1,750 guests at any given time. Ain Dubai, which is accessible from Bluewaters Island, is surrounded by unforgettable social and ecstatic experiences, making it a must-see popular destination for all. Each ride lasts about 38 minutes, offering a thrilling experience with scenic views.

It goes above and beyond an extraordinary experience by hosting corporate events and providing customizable cabins for special events. One can witness all the great landmarks of Dubai from this observation deck, such as the famous Burj Khalifa, The Palm Islands, etc.

Ain Dubai Tickets Options

Ain Dubai Views
  • Get some basic yet mesmerising views of the Dubai skyline covered in your Ain Dubai ticket price, inclusive of the package.
  • It is a 38-minute ride with fantastic and unique experiences.
  • The Ain Dubai tickets also includes a chance to enjoy an aerial view of Dubai with open-dated bookings with six months validity.
Ain Dubai Prime Time Views
  • Experience pure happiness while riding on the world's largest Ferris wheel for 38 minutes and taking in the breathtaking Dubai skyline.
  • Ain Dubai tickets, inclusive in the package, will be offering you a comfortable spot in your Premium Cabin, which features leather and plush seating.
  • The Ain Dubai tickets includes an air-conditioned indoor cabin ride.
Ain Dubai Premium Primetime Views
  • This primetime package provides the best ride time at sunset, lasting approximately 38 minutes in an indoor, air-conditioned cabin.
  • Catch a glimpse of Dubai's skyline included in Ain Dubai ticket offers, which is especially beautiful at sunset and creates a dreamy atmosphere to enjoy with your loved ones.
  • The Ain Dubai tickets offers a premium cabin with a comfortable seating arrangement along with air conditioning facilities to enjoy.
Ain Dubai with a Dinner Cruise

Ain Dubai ticket bookings for the Ain Dubai with dinner cruise package begin every day at 6 p.m. These cabins provide 360-degree views of magical evenings spent with friends or family in shared cabins. A breathtaking view of the city can be obtained from the observation wheel, which is located at a great height.

Following the Ain Dubai cabin tour, you can take a 1.5-hour dinner cruise along Dubai Marina on the Mega Yacht to Atlantis, The Palm and back. This Ain Dubai tickets offer includes food and beverages, providing delectable canapes, buffet-style food, and unlimited soft drinks.

Observation Cabins

The Ain Dubai tickets for observation cabins provides unrivalled views and experiences. Imagine having never-before-seen 360-degree views of Dubai as you steadily climb through the sky on the world's tallest observation wheel. In air-conditioned cabins, create magical photo books, and capture memories of one of the world's most iconic cities and all of its incredible landmarks.

It's a 38-minute journey with shared cabins. The observation cabins have bench seating as well as standing space. You can also enjoy these views by purchasing one of the two available passes, Ain Dubai Views or Ain Dubai Family Pass.

Private Cabins

Private cabins are available for groups, events, and private celebrations. Step inside the air-conditioned luxury of your private cabin and soar to new heights with Ain Dubai. Discover our one-of-a-kind celebration packages for birthdays, engagements, weddings, business functions, and other occasions.

The cabins offer 360-degree panoramic views of the beautiful Dubai skyline, which is adored by many photographers of the city. There are numerous private cabin options available, including The ticket Ain Dubai Private, Private Plus, Premium, Skybar, Bubbly Private, Lounge Dining, and many more, each with its own unique experience.

Sky Bar

With the sky bar social experiences tickets, you can explore a wide range of experiences. These packages have something for everyone, whether you want to unwind at the end of a long day or kick off an exciting night out.

Step into a premium cabin for VIP treatment, or head to the Skybar for the best social vibes and beverages to toast the setting sun over the Dubai skyline. Have access to a VIP lounge, beverages, music, and much more to celebrate your day out in style. There are also a lot of Ain Dubai tickets offer available for this cabin zone.

Know Before You Book Ain Dubai Tickets

How to reach & Location
Best time to visit
Ain Dubai Facts
  • Feel the burst of experiences while riding the world's largest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai.
  • Purchase Ain Dubai ticket and enjoy your time in any of the 48 capsules with your family and friends group, which can accommodate up to 40 people.
  • From a height of 250 metres, you can get a bird's eye view of Dubai's skyline and enjoy the most beautiful and panoramic views of the city.
  • Witness the breathtaking view of Dubai's attractions with your Ain Dubai tickets such as the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, and many more.
  • Sit in the air-conditioned glass-enclosed capsule and take memorable photos of the world-famous landmark.
  • Explore the beautiful man-made Bluewaters Island and watch the sunset over the glistening waters of Dubai Marina.
  • By Taxi/Car: Take Sheikh Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi, get out from Exit 31, and then follow the signs to Bluewaters Island, which leads straight to Ain Dubai.
  • By Bus: The nearest bus stations at Al Fahidi Metro Bus Stop A - 01 are the Rolla, which is a 2-minute walk from Al Ain.
  • By Metro: Enter the nearest metro stations, Al Fahidi Metro Station and Burjuman Metro Station.
  • By Ferry: Bluewaters Island also has a Marine Transport Station for those who prefer to travel by Dubai Ferry or water taxi.

Location:- Address: Bluewaters, Bluewaters Island, near the Dubai Marina in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Timing: - 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM

The best time to ride the Ain Dubai observation wheel is during the sunset hours when you can escape the city's harsh climate and enjoy the most panoramic views. However, if you're a photographer and can't decide between day and night, we recommend a visit during the day.

  • It is the world's largest and tallest observation wheel, standing 250 metres tall and nearly twice as tall as the London Eye.
  • A full rotation takes approximately 38 minutes offering beautiful views of the Dubai skyline.
  • It took a global effort to create an engineering marvel, with over ten key countries collaborating to build it.
  • Ain Dubai has 48 capsules and can transport up to 1700 people in a single ride.
  • The length of each run/rotation on the Ferris wheel is longer than a full-sized football field!
  • The Floating Capsules are an air-conditioned observatory wheel where your adrenaline is pushed upwards, providing riders with a pleasant, and delightful experience.
  • The Wheel is outfitted with an 80m LED screen. It is a digital platform for advertisements, showcasing news releases, broadcasting, and other purpose

Ain Dubai Experience

The Ain Dubai ticket provides an excellent view of the city's glittering skyline. You can also see the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands, and the entire stretch of Dubai Marina with its beachy and luxurious vibes. This Dubai Ferris wheel has 48 capsules in total, with a maximum capacity of 1700 people in one go, allowing you to enjoy family gatherings, friend parties, or any private event in the cabins. Each capsule is large enough, made entirely of glass, and airconditioned to allow you to relax and enjoy the views of Dubai's serene skyline even during the sweltering summers.

Experience Dubai's city lights from luxurious cabins with unusually high aerial views of the entire city. Encounter Dubai's overall vision of smart technology-driven innovation, with smart climate control and LED screens that provide information about the stunning views around them. The cabins are beautifully designed, with magnificent flooring, couches, tables, dining interiors, and other features. You can also enjoy the VIP capsules with private fine dining that can seat your family or group with the Ain Dubai ticket offers.

Attractions to see From Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

You can also explore various Places to Visit near Ain Dubai like Madame Tussauds, Dhow Cruise Marina

Burj Khalifa

From the world's tallest observation wheel, you can easily and naturally spot and catch a glimpse of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. This massive tall building dominates the Dubai skyline and provides various views from Ain Dubai at various times of the day.

Take in the city lights and building lights as you move up the wheel at night. Get all the information about the Burj Khalifa displayed on the cabin's innovative and high-tech LED screens. Relax and enjoy the best views of Dubai's tall buildings from its clear skylines.

Burj Al Arab

Get a breathtaking view of the Burj Al Arab, a luxury ship sail inspired architecture, from Ain Dubai to get the extravagant vibes. The Burj Al Arab, one of the world's most luxurious hotels and one of the first few hotels to put Dubai on the map among luxury travellers, is a must-see attraction. The Ain Dubai ticket provides you with incredible and breathtaking views of the place from the top.

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is a unique-shaped island that looks like a massive palm tree that is dotted with both commercial and residential spaces and can be seen from the Ain Dubai wheel. This man-made island is home to luxury hotels and pristine beaches with nearly 80,000 residents. From the heights of the Ain Dubai observation wheel, you can easily see this spot and feel the island's luxury vibes; the blue waters that surround it are also visible throughout the land pattern.

Ain Dubai Tickets FAQs

How much does Ain Dubai ticket price cost?

Ain Dubai ticket price cost anywhere between AED 110 and AED 130, it all depends on your package that you choose.

Why is Ain Dubai so famous?

Ain Dubai is famous for being the world's largest and tallest observation wheel. Furthermore, it is well-known for the fantastic experiences it provides during the 38-minute ride, which provides the best views of the city’s skyline. All of these experiences are possible with a single Ain Dubai ticket.

Is Ain Dubai the largest giant wheel in the world?

Yes, Ain Dubai is the world's highest and largest observation wheel, reaching a staggering height of 250m. Ain Dubai, located on Bluewaters Island, is the latest landmark to join Dubai's long list of world-class attractions.

Are discounts available on Ain Dubai tickets?

Yes, you can book your Ain Dubai tickets online offering fantastic discounts on each purchase, allowing you to make your trip as cost-effective as possible.

Are Ain Dubai tickets available online?

Yes, Ain Dubai Tickets can be booked online which is the most convenient and hassle-free way to travel and enjoy the trip.

Where is Ain Dubai located?

Ain Dubai is located in Bluewaters, Bluewaters Island, near the Dubai Marina in Dubai, UAE. One can easily reach this architectural marvel through the metro, car, or bus.

Are bags allowed in Ain Dubai?

Yes, small and portable handheld bags and small backpacks are permitted in cabins; however, for everyone's safety, large items such as briefcases, luggage, large travel rucksacks, large boxes, and so on are not permitted in any cabins or capsules.

How long is the Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel ride?

One full rotation of the Ain Dubai observation wheel ride takes approximately 38 minutes. Ain Dubai is a 250-metre-tall rotating attraction that is set to be the world's tallest and largest observation wheel. As a result, completing a rotation takes longer than half an hour and offers a length of a football field.

Is the Ain Dubai accessible for people with disabilities and using wheelchairs?

Yes, Ain Dubai is a venue that is accessible to everyone. The Ain Dubai Observation Wheel staff and team provide additional amenities such as wheelchair-accessible lifts and ramps.


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